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New Emergency Generator, U.S. Tax Court, Washington, DC


BFA was the prime contractor for the design package for the addition of a new 250KW, 480V, 3phase, 4 wire generator. The building has an existing 250KW emergency generator to provide backup power for emergency lighting, life safety equipment and elevators. At the request of the General Services Administration (GSA), BFA developed complete construction documents for the installation of a new generator to provide backup power for computer rooms and the new VOIP telephone system.

Work involved:

  • Removal and replacement of the fuel tank, tank enclosure wall doors, piping and ductwork (no interruption in fuel supply to the existing generator was allowed),
  • Addition of a new generator room and oil tank enclosed with 2 hour fire rated separations,
  • Louvers for newly designed intake and exhaust system,
  • A leveled, 6 inch concrete, pad and vibration isolation for the generator,
  • New normal/emergency distribution system, including automatic transfer switch, normal/emergency distribution panel, transformers, panels, conduit and wiring,
  • Calculations were provided for normal/emergency distribution system and generator,
  • Short circuit calculations and analysis,
  • Fire protection in accordance with NFP 13,30, 72, 101 and 110,
  • Removal of PCB contaminated fluids,
  • Compliance with PBS-P100 GSA Facilities Standards for Public Building Service and NEC.

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